I am Dave Sabio. Photography, I started it as a hobby and later it became my passion. Many have complimented me and would consider me as a young professional photographer, I thanked their testimonies and refused to consider it. Because I still consider myself as a working progress. What I love more about photography is taking fine art wedding pictures and engagements shoots. I love lifestyle and fashion photography as well. My forte really is more on weddings. I love to capture candid, genuine smiles and unique concepts of style.
 Taking pictures keeps my sanity and this is how a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER rocks! 
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As a wedding photographer, wedding photos will be one of the most important investments of a wedding. After the wedding is over, ask yourself, what am I going to have left? Best answer would be, the pictures and your memories. In fact, your photos are the only thing that truly last forever like love. Like the wedding ring and couple's love, it’s worth making an investment in quality that will last a lifetime. In summary, there is no secret formula or one photographer who fits every couple. What separates the good from the bad is in the eye of the beholder. After all, art is subjective. Just make sure you feel great about the person you hire and see a distinction in the work. Give careful consideration to your photography budget and invest as much as you can into that part of your wedding. In the end, 
you can't afford to be disappointed when the curtains close on your wedding day.